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The context in which we live and work nowadays in complex. Using a well know acronym, we are living now in the so-called V.U.C.A era (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). Based on the most updated social research, the logical and efficiency-based approach that we have continued to apply in the last 100 years or more, is not the best way to succeed if not integrated with a creative one. We are entering in the so called Feeling Economy.

At the same time individuals become more aware that the efficiency and left brain paradigm which mostly has guided us in the last century is only a partial answer to the complexity of the current world and is not enough for our search for meaning, wholeness and enriched, fulfilling life.

The current context needs more adaptability, creativity, ability to make sense of things, a better integration of mind, hearth and hands, a higher connection with our emotion, values, spirits and purpose. These concepts start to enter even in the corporate context where previously they were almost banned. Organizations do not use anymore the “Machine” metaphor to represent themselves and start using the “Living Organism” metaphor which embrace many of these new concepts. It is common nowadays hearing that “right” brain type of people is becoming more and more essential in our type of world, where many “left” brain activities will be taken over by machines.

So, if that is true, how to integrate the new “creative” mindset in our life and work? How to shift paradigm? This is where the ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE can really help because art is based on creativity, emotion expression, meaning making, passion, artistic skills such as envisioning, empathy, observation and many other, exactly the type of culture and leadership we need to develop in our society and organizations.

Program Outline

Part 1 - Intro (30 min)

  • Why Art4Trasformation is important in the V.U.C.A era in Business
    • The feeling economy: moving from the efficiency paradigm to the creative paradigm
    • A4T&C: What can we learn from the Art process in business and as individual?

Part 2 - Applications (3hrs)

  • What type of art? Focus on Visual Arts experiences to be chosen among:
    • Find who you are and your purpose by creating a mixed media artwork and representing who you are (Creativity/Personal Development/Leadership)
    • Intuitive systemic problem setting and sense making: Create a 3D model with clay to see your problem as a system and sense the situation with both your right and left brain through an artistic process (Innovation/Problem solving/Leadership)
    • Contemplative observation & generative dialogue: observe a painting and discuss what and how you see and discover more about yourself (Observation, self-awareness)
    • Shifting from left to right brain and entering in the flow by drawing upside-down (Observation, creativity)

Part 3 - De-briefing & Closure (30 min)

  • Possible applications and value – Discussion
  • Check Out

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See below the information about our next session:
  • WHERE: My Art Space, 31 Orchard Rd Singapore 238888
  • FACILITATOR: Giorgia Madonno

Lead Facilitator
Based in Singapore
Lead Facilitator
Based in Singapore

Giorgia is a facilitator, OD expert and Artist. She is the founder of Marco-Polo Consulting, a consultancy company based in HK and operating in World Wide with major focus on Asia Pacific. The company is focused on facilitating dialogue and innovation for people-centric organizational transformations. She has been living and working in Europe, US and Asia acquiring a truly cross-cultural mindset. She is currently based in Singapore.

Entrepreneur and Facilitator of Organization Transformation and innovation. In the last 10 years, since she created her own company in China, Giorgia has been facilitating journeys of transformations for individual, team, organization and people management systems in many Asian countries. She helps people and organizations to become more innovative and to improve the employee experience at work. She uses collaborative approaches such as Design Thinking, Lego Serious play, Art of Hosting.

Corporate Human Resource senior executive. She has been leading HR departments/teams in international companies in Europe, US and Asia for more than 15 years. She alternates external and corporate HR Business partnership on site involvement to be able to both strategize and have broader perspective and at the same time deliver real impact on the business.

EMBA adjunct professor. She has been adjunct professor of HR and Organizational Behaviors in China for Tongji/MIP EMBA in Shanghai - China

Artist and “Art4transformation/Creativity©” facilitator. Formally trained and professional painter and visual/graphic facilitator, amateur theater actor and puppetry maker. In her consulting practice Giorgia currently leverages both her artistic and business experience to help others becoming more creative in the business context and develop their leadership and right brain. She is a strong advocate for visual thinking and for the power of art for business and self-transformation.

More details about Giorgia’s profile at: and about her artworks at

About Marco Polo Consulting
Marco Polo Consulting is a facilitator of dialogue and transformation. We provide organizational development and transformation professional services World Wide, with major focus in the APAC Region. We strongly believe that meaningful, engaging, innovative working environment will result in happier people and better business results. We belong to a purposeful international ecosystem of boutique companies and professionals, able to offer the flexibility and care of relationships of a local boutique company together with the international capability of a global organization. Our clients in Asia include Volkswagen group, Fiat, Datalogic, Pirelli, Kaspersky Labs, De Longhi , Electrolux, Luxottica and Ferrero.

More details at:

Event Details

Event Date 02 March 2020
Event End Date 02 March 2020
Cut off date 02 March 2020
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