What started as a hobby toward the end of 2011 has evolved through the seven years to become a profession that I am passionate about.

I acquaint myself to a solitary bloom standing amidst the water in the surge for the need to survive. Just as a writer pen his thoughts onto paper, I placed mine with every stroke my feelings and thoughts onto canvas and wall. Nature moves and talks to me through my mind, my heart and my soul. What would life be without art? Without being able to create? I just can't imagine...

A small inner voice said to me then -To start painting and share with the world what you have been blessed with. From thereon, there was no stopping. I felt I was borne to do this and to fulfill whatever purpose I was meant to do the later half of my life.

Although the journey seems lonely, yet at the same time, it's beautiful and fulfilling in the wild.
My wish and philosophy - To live out the rest of my life painting and at various parts of the world and as far as I can go...I am racing against Time chasing my dreams, passion, my vision and purpose which are multi-fold empowering others to follow their heart and dreams.

My Heart Moves With You
by Belinda LowBelinda Low
SGD $500Acrylic
49x59cm, Unframed
I See The Light
by Belinda LowBelinda Low
SGD $500Oil
41x48cm, Framed
Blue Lagoon
by Belinda LowBelinda Low
SGD $430Acrylic
42x56cm, Framed
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