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Joining My Art Space is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Even the very-reluctant-to-start and wanted-to-quit-as-soon-as-possible husband loves painting now! Need I say anything more?

Clarrisa Koh, Chemistry Teacher

Life Art Style

Beside arts…
We are always on the lookout for new, interesting-looking cafes/bars/restaurants. We noticed that the My Art Space cafe had a cool ambience when we were walking from Concorde Hotel to Plaza Singapura one day. Hence, we decided to go over for dinner. We found out that not only did My Art Space serve reasonably-priced and good food, but it was actually an art studio (school)!

Painting brings us…
My husband (a Chemistry Teacher as well) and I have been here for two years, since June 2014. We were looking for a weekly activity that we could both do together to help take our minds off our stressful work. At that time, we had just gotten engaged planning for our wedding as well. It was an extra busy and extra stressful year. Art classes managed to help us relax and not think about anything else for the three hours that we’re in the art studio each week.

Why painting…
I have always been keen to explore painting. The husband, on the other hand, was more reluctant as he felt us “Science people” would not be good at it. I spent a few days persuading him and in the end, his “happy soon-to-be-wife, happy life” theory won.

The challenges…
I am a really impatient and meticulous person. It really bugged me when I realise painting is waaaay harder than it looks. It was almost impossible to paint anything quickly and perfectly. I concluded my first 2-3 paintings in less than 8 weeks each. None of them were perfect, but I realised that I was slowly getting better with each piece and that art was not meant to get down to the science of perfection. With the encouragement and tutoring of Shan, Matthew and Chan Kerk, I gradually moved on to more difficult pieces. Painting tempered my impatience and helped me find my inner zen. I have been working on my current painting for slightly over a year! I never expected that of myself.

Things that she enjoys…
I love the artistic electricity that crackles in the room when everyone is painting. Shan, Matthew and Chan Kerk are fantastic artists with their own wonderful styles of painting and tutoring. When tutoring me, they each bring something to my paintings and inspire me in different ways! Best of all? It is a couple activity that we can both learn something new together and grow closer to each other.

No Hidden Agenda No Goal To Achieve We Do Art As It Is,
An Enjoyment, A Fulfillment, A Passion Of The Soul.

No Hidden Agenda No Goal To Achieve We Do Art As It Is,
An Enjoyment, A Fulfillment, A Passion Of The Soul.

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