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We have various art programs that allow you to learn, appreciate and enjoy art.

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Meet like minded people and pursue passion of art together.


Relax amidst various flora and fauna at prestige Istana Park.


Showcase your art, appreciate and understand art.

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We provide personalised guidance that develop your art style in long term.


We have minimum 16 timeslots every week that allows you to choose according to your schedule.


Fulfill social responsibilities through our community art projects.


Art making lets me see a side of myself which is more creative and daring, which is never demonstrated in other aspects of my life, it gives me opportunities to connect to people who share the same interests.

Donna Chiu

About the Artist

I am Donna Chiu, I am a Singaporean migrated from Hong Kong and I’ve spent most of my adult life in Singapore. I manage digital and innovative projects in my full time job.

How did you get started in creating art and how does it enrich your life?

My encounter with art started with photography 6 years ago, and it’s an eye opening to a world of creativity I seldom explored and I really enjoy it. I think it’s also a very good exposure to understand and learn art making in a different medium thus I’ve starting painting 2 years ago. Lately, I have also started creation digital art in the form of illustration.
Art making lets me see a side of myself which is more creative and daring which is never demonstrated in other aspects of my life, it gives me opportunities to connect to people who share the same interests. At the same time, it’s also a very humbling experience because the more I see, the more I know how much more I have to learn.

Please share on your learning experience and what you like about My Art Space

My approach in painting is full of exploration and I attempt abstract painting style. What I appreciate very much here is that the instructors can inspire me to try freely in my art creation journey, understand what I attempt to achieve and also coach me in terms of technique.
I don’t think my skill level is there and I may have some crazy ideas which involve a lot of trial and error in the process. The instructors in My Art Space spends time to understand what I want to achieve through my painting in terms of concept and execution, and give me constructive advice and guidance on what I can explore. In the process, they are able to guide me to build on what works well and also point out areas for improvement.
What I really appreciate is they provide an encouraging and inspiring environment which I feel very safe to explore, and they have truly helped me grow in each piece of my painting, help me learn more about the technique as well as my artistic style.

What's your favourite artwork?

My favourite artwork is Black Pillow by Thomas Yeo. I love how traces of human’s presence and movement are suggested in this artwork and also the use of colour. I see life and motion even without a human subject in the painting.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

I believe artist should communicate messages through his or her work, as a response to life or the society. I believe I’m currently still at a stage of exploration through my paintings so they don’t necessarily carry such messages. For the work which does so, they are usually about relationship, aspiration and I have ever created a piece out of my response to the political situation of my motherland.

Tell us what plans you have for your art future?

I hope to be able to settle in an artistic approach and polish and enhance my skill and delivery from there. At this point of time, I can’t really decide and settle yet so I really hope I am able to pass this phase soon. I also need to improve my technique.

To see works by Donna click here.

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