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I think art is a kind of language that can transcend spoken and written words and gives us a chance to create understanding across cultural and linguistic divides. It lets us communicate on things we may not have words for.

Joy Haughton

About the Artist

Hi! I’m Joy Haughton, originally from the UK. I’m chief of staff at an academic research centre – a collaboration between NUS, NTU and the University of Cambridge.

When did your art journey begin?

My mother and father both have creative hobbies – my mother paints and makes mosaics and my father makes ceramics. I too have done art activities for as long I can remember – I always found it very relaxing. I studied drawing and painting in school and then continued to have it as a hobby throughout my adult life. I have taken lessons over the years from various teachers in the UK, and when I moved to Singapore in 2014, I was very happy to find My Art Space!

What do you find most challenging as an artist?

In the beginning, my challenge was learning ‘how to see’. How to see real life objects in a way that allowed me to capture them on paper and how to see what I imagined in my mind in a way that allowed me to pull it out to the end of pencil. To be honest, I still find that challenging on some days!

Today, I’m in a cycle of learning more technically, which enables me to stretch myself further as more things become possible. I’ve learned over time to relax into that cycle better and not get too stressed if I can’t immediately achieve what I see in my mind’s eye – the process of trying is what’s essential.

How has learning art impacted your everyday life?

I have made many good friends through My Art Space. During the pandemic, a small group of us formed a ‘creativity lab’ online, where we tried out new ideas. Not only did it teach me a lot artistically, but it was a great support system during tough times. Through the creative process, we’d have deep conversations about our lives, thoughts, and emotions, which was good to be a part of.

I also appreciate practicing art in a collective environment, as seeing how other artists react to different topics has helped me access a broader range of artistic methods and ideas.

Overall, finding My Art Space has made me feel much more rooted in Singapore. The studio is somewhere I feel deeply comfortable and welcome. It is a place that makes complete sense to me and where many of the confusions and stresses of ‘normal’ life fade away for a few hours each week. I am very grateful to Chankerk and the MAS team for creating this lovely oasis!

How would you define your personal style as an artist?

That’s a difficult one! I usually tend to express images of hope. I am becoming more comfortable not leaving out the sadder emotions from my work, but there always seems to be a spark of hope that pops up somewhere!

Nature is also a theme I seem to return to in different ways. I’ve recently worked through a series of remembered, rather dream-like landscapes (inspired by the idea of using my paintbrush to travel during the pandemic) and am currently working on an abstract inspired by planet earth and our weather systems.

I tend to paint in acrylics but sometimes use charcoal or other mixed-media options to make the images I want.

My style perhaps could be described as abstract or impressionist realism. I usually have some realistic element to my work, but increasingly it isn’t a direct copy of anything real.

How has My Art Space helped nurture your personal style?

I have met several fantastic teachers at My Art Space and all of them have helped me develop different jigsaw pieces of my skills. What is wonderful is how they meet me where I am – they take what I want to do seriously (however odd or incomprehensible it may sound!) and help me develop the technical skills to achieve the best version my idea. I have always felt encouraged, never patronised, when the teachers tell me where I can improve or push me to try new things.

In your opinion, what is the role art plays in making the world a better place?

I think art is a kind of language that can transcend spoken and written words and gives us a chance to create understanding across cultural and linguistic divides. It lets us communicate on things we may not have words for.

What advice would you give others to help them in their art journey?

 ‘Practice’ has been an important concept for me. By just showing up regularly at my easel and trying to paint what occurs to me, I gradually improve. Not everything I produce is perfect or great art (in fact, nothing is!) but every attempt is part of the journey and I learn something from it. The only time I learn nothing is where I don’t show up at the easel!

Which is one of your favourite personal creations?

I have a soft spot for a piece I call ‘A Slice of Sky’. I worked on it for an exhibition that My Art Space put together a few years ago to celebrate Pulau Ubin island. After the exhibition ended, I hung it up in my office. Now, whenever I am having a stressful day at work, I look at it and feel immediately calmer!


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