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We have various art programs that allow you to learn, appreciate and enjoy art.

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Meet like minded people and pursue passion of art together.


Relax amidst various flora and fauna at prestige Istana Park.


Showcase your art, appreciate and understand art.

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We provide personalised guidance that develop your art style in long term.


We have minimum 16 timeslots every week that allows you to choose according to your schedule.


Fulfill social responsibilities through our community art projects.
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Affordable artworks straight from studio.


Imagine sitting with your sketchbook on the lap, the sun warming your back as you admire and capture the spectacular urban scenery or natural landscape before you with your paintbrush. Sketching on the spot has been proven as one of the best ways to stimulate your artistic sensitivity through direct interaction with various wonders of nature, culture, heritage and local community. Come and join our series of local or oversea outdoor art excursion conducted by regional established artist Chankerk. Suitable for all levels! With the company of artist, learn the easiest to pick up techniques, capture the most beautiful scene , taste the most authentic local delights, forge the warmest friendship and feel the deepest experience . You will definitely get to enjoy a very unique, artistic and memorable experience as a real artist.

Chankerk is a renowned artist who has 25 years of experience of various art adventure in all parts of world from nostalgic Malaysia’s small towns, historical India , cultural Europe to mysterious Bhutan.

🎨 Join My Art Adventure Club now to get a free pre-excursion sketching workshop for your first art adventure with Chankerk. As a member, you’ll get exclusive updates about our upcoming art excursions, workshops, and events.

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26-28 July (Tue-Thu), 3 days 2 nights. 
Fee: $350 per pax. Free Travel Sketching Workshop for first 3 registrant and members (u.p S$100)
Inclusive of artist quality sketch block and rental of in-house watercolour materials, full guidance from artist, private suv transport from Singapore and assistance on meals and accommodation arrangement. Excluding personal expenses like visa, insurance, meals, accommodation and entrance fee if applicable.
How to Register
To register or for more info, email us at

Wonderful opportunity for art enthusiasts to explore Bali’s beautiful locations, immerse yourself in the local culture, and pick up your sketching skills with the guidance of local expert artist Chankerk.
Discover the hidden germs of Bali Island from majestic palace, ancient village , bygone era historical site, Panoramic view fishing village , burstling local market, tranquil green paddy field, awe-aspiring volcanic crater and many many more…


  • 7-11 Apr 24

Fee: $630 (u.p $787.5) for members and first 3 registrants.

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Join our 9D9N Italy Art Excursion to North of Italy in the beautiful Valle d’Aosta . In partnership of My Art Space and ThroughArt , a special art excursion arranged in occasion of the 4th Edition of the A(r)titude Festival in Valle D’Aosta Italy, organised by ThroughArt. Guided by the Chankerk and Giorgia Madonno, Italian artist and former teacher of creativity at MAS, participants will have the special opportunity to enjoy sketching and tourism in a beautiful mountain place in the Alps, rich of magnificent natural landscapes, such as the skyway of the highest Italian Mountain (Monte Bianco), typical and historical mountain villages, and the Italian stunning ancient city of Aosta. Not to miss opportunity to immerse into Italian lifestyle, visit of winery, visit of local artist studio, traditions and yummy food. Art party in the end of the art excursion will be organised for your best experience.

Points of interest:

  • * Visits to: museum, artist studios, artisan shops, markets etc. 

  • * Sketching location and visit:

  • * Aosta (historical roman town)

  • * Local mountain villages: ie. Vetan, Vens, Saint Nicolas

  • * Castel of Saint Pierre or Fenis

  • * Courmayeur village and Mont Blanc Skyway

  • * Festival A(r))titude: Friday 27 September – Sunday 29 September 2024

  • * Art Exhibitions

  • * Chankerk Teh: Sunday 29 September 2024 (Near Castello di Saint Pierre) – Evening, VIP guided visit

  • * Giorgia Madonno: Monday 30 September 2024 (In Piazza Chanoux Aosta) Evening, VIP guided visit – To be confirmed.

  • * Other cultural and art activities: Art workshops, mini-conferences (in Italian), performance (Friday to Sunday)


  • 29 Sept – 7 Oct 2024

Fee: S$1200 only(Usual $1500) for members and first 3 registrants. Inclusive of local transport(except airport transport), full guidance workshop with all materials provided. 

Unleash your creativity against the stunning backdrop of Taiwan’s Yilan and Hualien regions with our exclusive sketching workshop. Join us for an unforgettable artistic journey surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and vibrant culture. Experience the tranquil charm of Yilan as you sketch amidst lush tea gardens and picturesque landscapes. Then, venture into the rugged beauty of Hualien, where majestic waterfalls and scenic coastal vistas await your artistic interpretation. Led by experienced instructors, our workshop offers personalized guidance and inspiration to artists of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned sketcher or a beginner looking to explore your artistic talents, this workshop promises a unique blend of creativity and adventure. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in Taiwan’s stunning scenery while honing your sketching skills. Join us for an unforgettable artistic retreat in the heart of Yilan and Hualien.”

Attractive locations include:

  • * Nan Fang Ao Fishing 

  • * Luodong Cultural Working House
 * Yulan Tea Garden

  • * Dong Ao Beach and Fenniaolin Bay

  • * DongShan Xinliao Waterfall

  • * Yilan Gong Factory

  • * Kavalan Whiskey Distillery

  • * Taiping Mountain Jianging Huaigu Trail


  • 5-9 May 2024

Fee: S$690 only(usual $862.50) for members and first 3 registrants. Inclusive full guidance sketching workshop, all materials and local transport.

Apart from the White, Blue and Black temples you regularly see on social media posts, Chiang Rai has something more to offer to art-lovers, especially local arts and culture, history and heritage, nature and wellness, cool cafes and agro-tourism. Explore Chiang Saen at the infamous Golden Triangle and dive deep into the history and legacy of Lanna Kingdom founded some 762 years ago. Meet local expert Jaffee Yee, a famous publisher, art lover and promoter born in George Town Penang and having lived in Thailand for 40 years. Visit a few of the 300 plus local artists many have their own private studios and galleries. Lastly, experience a relaxing sundowner plus some snacks or a meal by Chiang Rai Sunset Beach at the SAND & SOUND Art Café and Beach Bar operated by Jaffee.

Attractive locations include:

  • Art Museum/studio
  • Archeological Site and temple
  • Golden Triangle
  • Scenic Agro-tourism Coffee Farm in Valley
  • Highland ethnics minority village and market
  • Mekong River
  • Chiang Rai old Market
  • Best Sunset Beach by river


  • 8-12 Dec 2024

Fee: S$630 only(usual $787.50) for members and first 3 registrants. Inclusive full guidance sketching workshop, all materials and local transport.

Discover the charm of Vietnam’s best hidden gem Cat Ba Island with you sketching pen.

Cat Ba Island is a haven offering stunning landscapes, including limestone karsts, emerald waters, and picturesque villages with its vibrant markets, traditional fishing communities, and historic sites that making it a truly inspiration for artists.

No prior experience needed. Capture the beauty of local landscapes, architecture, and culture through intuitive sketching with great ease.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in full guided intuitive sketching workshop with fellow artists. Enjoy scenic views, delicious local cuisine, and relaxing accommodations

Dates: 3-7 Nov 24. Group size 6-10 per instructor.
Fee: $1290 for members and first 3 registrants (usual $1360) includes local transport, accommodations, meals, art materials, workshops, and guided tours. Free prior excursion sketching workshop for first timer.

Sign up now and get ready to sketch your way through Vietnam!

WhatsApp 92954522 to secure your seat.

Discover the charm of various nostalgic small villages in South Malaysia with your sketch pen. Perfect match of travel and art. Easy to pick up sketching technique within an hour. No prior art experience needed. Must try for heritage, nature, culture art and food lovers. Unforgettable experience to explore various off-trail locations from:

  • Natives mangrove charcoal factory.
  • Permaculture farm with old Chinese village house
  • Pineapple farm authentic Hainanese Kopitiam.
  • Vintage-looking animal farm
  • Traditional  riverside Malay Kampung.
  • Stunning hill view terrace organic farm.
  • Charming river mouth fishing Village.
  • Nostalgic  mural painting village.
  • Historic street lined with buildings with unique blend of architectural styles and eras.
  • and many more…
Don’t miss this opportunity to feel the warm of close-knit neighbourhood, savour the authentic taste of local delights and forge friendship with like-minded art-lovers. 
Various Malaysia Art Excursions available:
  • Kluang

  • Kulai

  • Malacca

  • Batu Pahat

1 Full Day Kukup Fishing Village Art Excursion
Date: 30 June 2024 (Sun)
Fee: $180 (u.p $220) for members and first 3 registrants

2D1N Kluang Hilltown Art Excursion 
Date: 23-24 June 2024 (Sun-Mon)
Fee: $280 (u.p $350) for members and first 3 registrants

2D1N Kulai Farm Fun Art Excursion 
Date: 7-8 July 2024 (Sun-Mon)
Fee: $310 (u.p $387.50) for members and first 3 registrants

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“I did a travel sketching workshop with Chankerk. He’s a great teacher. The workshop was enjoyable and taught me a lot about spontaneous art as against formal drawing and colouring. Something I am not normally good at! I definitely would want to do the real travel and sketch session with him sometime soon.”



Swati S

“My art space is truly a great place to learn art making. My teacher Chankerk does not just impart knowledge about painting techniques, he encourages his students to think creatively. I am very thankful to be on an art journey at my Art Space.”



Ngiap T

“Recently, I went in an art sketching trip with Chankerk from My Art Space – it was fantastic! A good balance between sketching and eating at local places that only locals go to in Kluang, Batu Pahat and Malacca because Chankerk was such a good guide! It was so useful to learn the basics of how to sketch outdoors with the scene in front of you, seeing the big pattern, capturing light and shadow, shading and doing it fairly fast or within a limited time. Overall, a totally enjoyable and memorable trip with great lessons and sketches, good company, yummy food, and looking forward to the next trip!”



Jacqueline C


Date: TBC

Inspired by the best of Italy. Exciting painting course holiday conducted at a spacious Tuscan farmhouse, with extensive studio facilities and a swimming pool set amid Garfagnana Nature Reserve, near to the medieval town of Barga. An ideal retreat for exploring creativity.


Date: TBC

Appreciate picturesque landscape and enjoy true fun of sketching at 适耕庄 Sekinchan-a coastal fishing village blessed with fertile soils where a sea of luxurious paddy field takes your breath away. Programs include wharf and paddy field sketching, seafood dining and fireflies watching at nearby Kuala Selangor, one of the biggest firefly colonies in the world, unusual phenomena can be found only in two places in the world.


Date: TBC

Explore the best beauty of northern Vietnam. Bring along your sketching tools and ready to be inspired by epic landscape of Ninh Binh, villages, mountains, paddy field scenery, colourful dress and local activities in the tribal enthic market of mountainous tribes in Sapa Town. A truly artistic experience beyond any art-lover can imagine.


Date: TBC

Wonder how artistic Penang ‘Pearl of the Orient’ can be under the pen brush of sketch-lovers? Come and meet heartwarming Penang artist Agu-Knife painter, other local sketch-lovers and excite your palate with sweet fragance of durian during this once in a year season in Balik Pulau.


Date: TBC

Join us to discover the beauty of Greece through a series of on-location sketching workshop escorted by professional artist Chankerk. Experience how easy sketching can be by using the simplest tools like pencil, ink pen or watercolor. Explore and sketch various best selected locations in Greece from breathtaking scenery of Kalamata, Polylimnio, Koroni to Methoni. Great opportunity to discover rich and diversified culture of Greece.



Date: TBC

Understand and immerse into Balinese arts and culture through series of programs like visiting of studio/art museum, yoga session and special arranged Be Bali Day. Learn how to capture beauty of Bali Island through various sketching walks fully escorted and guided by Chankerk on various world famous locations from local market, fishing village, temples, paddy field, waterfall, lake and mountain.


Date: TBC

Let’s explore this most mysterious and undiscovered nation with your paint brush and sketch. Escorted and guided by our professional artist during various plein air painting and sketching session at best selected locations. Be Inspired by thousand year old religious edifices of Bagan, nostalgic beauty of Yagoon architecture, scenic natural lake of Inle, unique culture of local tribes and the most welcoming people of Asia.


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