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Learn to paint a cryptic still life from the artist Quthub, a master in alla prima technique with oil.  Suitable for all levels serious learners wish to get professional, academic and structural learning step-by-step. Comprehensive training from observation, drawing, strokes, colours mixing, composition, space design and mood setting.  Artist will provide photos reference for the paintings. 1 complete paintings to take away after the 4 lessons workshop. 2 complete paintings to take away after the 8 lessons workshop. Small class size 5-10 pax.

4 Lessons Workshop:
Fee: S$200 (usual S$250) for first 3 registrants. Excluding materials.
Next Intake: 13 Aug, every Sat, 4pm-6:30pm (except public holiday)

Limited seats, first come first served.

How to Register
To register or for more info, email us at

About the Instructor Quthub

Mohamad Quthubdea aka Quthub is an award winning Oil Painting Artist with a keen interest for realism. His signature style is to paint alla prima with abstract strokes. He has very high sensitivity to employ cryptic elements and lighting in his paintings that create a dynamic visual impart. Quthub aims to capture his audience with creative lighting, composition, balance of colours and wide value range. He has won won the 2021 UOB Painting of the Year Highly Commended Award, Emerging Artist Category.