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Sok Han’s career as an artist took an unconventional pathway. While she always had a deep love and passion for drawing as a child, her life led her to a career in marketing and advertising instead. After a few years in the corporate world, the art world summoned again and she joined a part time course in charcoal and oil painting at NAFA. Eventually, she found an art studio opposite her office, where she honed her talent with still life oil painting.


Her Covid retrenchment came as a blessing in disguise, she devoted a significant amount of her time to the pursuit of portrait painting, which led to a gradual increase of commissioned painting projects she received, while still working as a freelance marketing consultant. As an instructor at My Art Space, Sok Han brings with her not just the academic principles of what it takes to create a beautiful work of art, but real life experience of how to overcome struggle and frustration through passion and persistence so that we can make art part of our everyday life, even while we pursue other careers. With her as a guide, both new and experienced artists can learn and discover their truest form of self-expression, as Sok Han believes we should all be encouraged to make arts part of our life, and painting is one of the activities that enable us to refine ourselves as human beings. 

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Her first palette knife still life painting. Sok Han likes the vibrance of colour brought out by the thick application of paint.

Her latest portrait painting is a head study to understand how to achieve a more realistic effect, and capture the person’s true nature on canvas

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