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Enriches Life
Join Singapore’s Largest And Leading Art Club Established Since 2005. 3 Studios Located At Istana Park, Khatib And Sengkang. We Have Successfully Provided Various Art Programs To More Than 6000 Individual Adult Art Learners From All Walks Of Life And 12500 Employees From Over 500 Companies.

Total Life.Art.Style

We have various art programs that allow you to learn, appreciate and enjoy art.

Meet Great

Meet like minded people and pursue passion of art together.


Relax amidst various flora and fauna at prestige Istana Park.


Showcase your art, appreciate and understand art.

Great Learning

We provide personalised guidance that develop your art style in long term.


We have minimum 16 timeslots every week that allows you to choose according to your schedule.


Fulfill social responsibilities through our community art projects.
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Art sales
for charity

Affordable artworks straight from studio.

A Few Words From Our Students


“I attended painting “classes” at My Art Space : lifelong art learning for all walks of life for 3 years. Now I am returning to my “home” (Barcelona) and I just want to thank the studio staff and the artists who coached and mentored me. My Art Space is not a school where they teach you how to paint but rather a community of artists that encourage you to try new things and go beyond the boundaries of what you believe are your own limitations and guide you on a path of self discovery. Thank you for helping me grow as an artist.”

Josep Casellas

“A respite from the week’s work. Deep and insightful instructions from the art instructors. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to immerse in art making.”

Kelvin Teo

“A place for self exploration (in art and personal) without judgment. Highly recommended for individual who looking to know more about art and yourself.”

Ee Laine Hang

“I have been going to My Art Space from the 2nd week I moved to Singapore – almost 1.5 years now. This is a perfect space for a person to develop creativity through painting and drawing in any style you like. The tutors are there to guide you through the creative process, develop your skills and challenge your thinking and expression. Another great thing is that here you will get to meet likeminded people who you can share your artistic journey with. It is a great experience and I highly recommend it.”

Anastasiya Berasneva

“I’ve been attending classes at My Art Space for almost 3 years now. It’s a non-structured art class, where each artist (yes, everyone is one in their own right) is gently guided to find their own style and paint what inspires them. There’s no hand-holding or comparison or goal setting, you create your own path. After all, the best way to learn is by making mistakes, struggling and persevering. You don’t have to be ‘good’ at drawing or painting or any of that. You just need to have a deep seated desire to create something, and the patience to work through the process. I’m pretty sure with that attitude, supported by the encouraging words and decades of experience the teachers bring, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the hours you spend in this beautiful studio.”

Aarti Nichlani

“First joined based on interest in the arts, and have since attended classes for 3 years already. Teachers’ professional guidance, patience and encouragement made me learnt alot. Making a group of true friends is another bonus point. Teachers share their life experiences and different point of views towards various issues in life during art classes too, this widen has widened my horizon. Discussions, interactions and advice given on artworks among students further improved our skills. For me, attending weekly classes is never tiring since classes are always full of laughter and I always enjoy going to class. The green environment proves a great place for a relaxing art classes.”

Wong Yik Knee


Art Generates Creativity & Fuels Imagination

Painting makes me a happier and calmer person because creating art provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Experimenting With Art

Painting alone can be isolating. That's why I enjoy going to My Art Space. I make many friends there and Wen Shan's (instructor) insightful critiques on how to improve my paintings are another reason for turning up.

Bonding Through Art

Joining My Art Space is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Even the very-reluctant-to-start and wanted-to-quit-as-soon-as-possible husband loves painting now! Need I say anything more?

The Art Of Doing Good

Be yourself, it helps you to establish your own identity. Be happy with what you do, be happy with your interest and hobbies. Painting is what makes me happy.


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