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Slide -Art For Good Cause- Looking for artworks for charity or supporting local emerging artists? We connect artists straight from studio. Great opportunity to collect artworks at best price! GALLERY 500

Total Life.Art.Style

We have various art programs that allow you to learn, appreciate and enjoy art.

Meet Great

Meet like minded people and pursue passion of art together.


Relax amidst various flora and fauna at prestige Istana Park.


Showcase your art, appreciate and understand art.

Great Learning

We provide personalised guidance that develop your art style in long term.


We have minimum 16 timeslots every week that allows you to choose according to your schedule.


Fulfill social responsibilities through our community art projects.

Latest Donations

A big thank you to our latest donors Ms Joy Haughton and Ms Woo Boo Chun for your generous donation to ic@re Hub and kind adoption of Chankerk’s paintings.

"I try to give to charities regularly and often do give to charities that support women in difficult situations anyway. So when I saw that Chankerk had created a beautiful one-off painting to be offered via the Gallery 500 initiative as a gift to the first contributor, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give! It was also great to learn about a charity I hadn't heard about before doing such good work in the community. All round a really good experience!"

Joy Haughton

Latest Donations

Donation by Ms Woo Boh Chun

With a grand wrap of one thousand dollars, Ms Woo Boh Chun on behalf of Sanwah Construction Pte Ltd, came up to be the winning bidder of the silent auction...

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Donation by Ms Joy Haughton

A big thank you to our latest donor Ms Joy Haughton for your generous donation to ic@re Hub and kind adoption of Chankerk’s paintings. “I try to give to charities...

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Latest Artwork

By: Lucy Lim

I’m a piano teacher cum hobby artist, I do art in various medium during my free time. I tried various art forms to improve my painting techniques. Doing art is an extension of my musical background. I hope my art can inspire more people to take up art as a hobby. I’m inspired by various artists. I’m currently trying resin art as this art form is both versatile and contemporary. My philosophy of art making is to keep learning and trying. I’m sure everyone can do it as long as they try.

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  • Ocean 1-1

    Rated 0 out of 5

    by Lucy Lim
    Resin Acrylic
    (Donate S$75 to iCare Hub and purchase this artwork at S$175 only.)

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