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Travel Sketching Workshop in Studio with Chankerk

Sketching can be one of the best way to travel. It not only allows you to capture the beautiful sceneries along your journey , it also creates a wonderful opportunity to interact with locals thru universal language shared of all:art!

People tend to welcome artists warmly especially when you came with humble mind to capture the beauty of their hometown and life. A lot of friendly magic happens and Ultimately, thru sketching you will be able enjoy a wonderful travel experience with touch of humanity and friendship beyond tourist.

Come and join chankerk this travel sketching workshop and learn how to sketch easily with simple tools and steps. Full process from pattern, form and story interpretation. 

See below information about this session:

  • FEE: $65 per lesson (u.p $100) for first 3 registrants (Inclusive of all paper and rental of all materials)
  • WHEN: 29 Jan 2023 (Sun) 12:20pm-2:50pm
  • INSTRUCTOR: Chankerk
  • Suitable for all levels.
  • Small group size 5-12 pax. 
  • Aged 14 and above.

Limited seats, first come first served.

How to Register
To register or for more info, email us at

About the Instructor Chankerk

Chankerk has been a full-time professional artist since 2005. Chairman of Sentosa Artists Village (2001-2004), Chairman of Art critique group, Two Right Feet(TRF) (2003-2008), Founder of My Art Space, Chankerk has hold 8 solo exhibitions and 19 years experience in conducting various painting, oversea art tour, art appreciation, creativity and team bonding workshops for all walks of life at Singapore Art Museum, Nanyang Academy of Fine Art and many many more….

This intensive involvement has enabled him to develop an unique and creative learning philosophy, which allows participants to easily understand in-depth and abstract concept of art without feeling puzzled. Chankerk has become mentor for many emerging artists in Singapore.

Past Creative Landscape Painting Workshop

Great fun of our recent creative landscape workshop with Chankerk. Structural step-by-step guidance from drawing, colors mixing, painting process and tons of tips on how to liberate your colors, strokes and texture have been given by Chankerk. Bravo to all all for your active participation.