Art4Transformation and Creativity Reflections

As you will remember from our previous News Letter, I recently started to reflect on how art practice and art appreciation could help for self-development and transformation and started to journal about my personal artistic journey from a self-development angle. Than talking with Chankerk from My Art Space, we decided that this could be an interesting perspective to share with the Art School students to activate a dialogue about this topic.

So, let’s continue our reflection about what our art practice can teach us for our daily life and work.

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The context in which we live and work nowadays in complex. Using a well know acronym, we entered in the so-called V.U.C.A era (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous). Based on my personal and professional experience and most updated social research, I start to believe that the logical and efficiency-based approach that we have continued to apply in the last 100 years or more, is not the best way to succeed if not integrated with a creative one. The current context needs more adaptability, creativity, ability to make sense of things, a better integration of mind, hearth and hands, a higher connection with our emotion, values, spirits and purpose.

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