Artsolute Ltd (UEN 201128088D) is a registered not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in Singapore. Its purpose and memorandum is to develop socially meaningful and beneficial culture and arts programmes on behalf of Singapore and Singaporeans. Its goal is to develop programmes that enable members of society in the act of creating artworks and activities meaningful to themselves and others. It is also targeted at developing and empowering youths so they may be active, responsible, and contributory members of society in the near future. More about Artsolute is available at

Art Market:
In conjunction with the Sunday Markets proposed at FUN, we propose artists to bring visitors to Ubin homes and stores with their art. In return artists get more exposure while visitors get to bring a little Ubin home!

Rekindling Ubin Heritage:
With the various resources developed by NParks, the National Heritage Board, and other researchers and publishers, we engage residents’ memories and oral histories so they may continue sharing their heritage with other heritage driven tours organised by members of FUN.

Introducing Art to Community:
With art outreach programmes, Ubin residents and visitors are introduced to various ways of expressing themselves and enjoying themselves on the island, adding to the other cycling and hiking activities in their itinerary.

Engaging Residents’ well-being:
As we engage Ubin residents for our national community’s development, we also ensure residents’ good mental, social, emotional, and physical well-being as a way to give back to our wonderful heritage.

Bringing Art to Ubin’s homes
Another way to thank Ubin residents for their sustaining of kampong culture is to donate some of our art and crafts so they may enjoy the comfort of their homes and feel appreciated by the youths and artists they’ve hosted.