Introductory Workshop FAQ

About Painting Introductory Workshop

Q: What is the objective?

To understand basic of perception, drawing, typical process of painting development, paint application(oils or acrylic), materials & set up, and gain awareness on creative thinking. In addition, to know your strength, our teaching methodology and prepare yourself better in attending our Art Exploration workshops if signed up later after this workshop.

Q: What is the subject?

Simple still life study.

Q: What medium will I use?

Oil or acrylic.

Q: What happens if I want to learn sketching only?

You may choose oil or acrylic first during the Introductory workshop and let our instructors know about your request when attending the Art Exploration workshops signed up later. Same concept of drawing/painting applies. We also cover sketching in Art Exploration workshops.

Q: Will the materials be provided?

Yes. Oil or acrylic material rental is covered in the workshop.

Q: Should i decide which medium to use before sign up package?

No. Our instructor will give a thorough explanation about the medium at beginning of the session. Decision could be made on the spot.

Q: I have some painting background. Can i skip the Introductory workshop and join the Art Exploration workshop directly?

For proper learning path and objective of this workshop, you are not encouraged to miss it as a prerequisite session designed. During Art Exploration workshops, our instructor/s might not able to pay you additional attention resulting from missing of the Introductory session since they need to ensure paying of equal attention to all learners.

Q: When must I attend the workshop after signing up?

Within our offer validity period (scheduled on Monday and weekend only).

Q: If I signed up Art Exploration Workshop package later, do I get my fee paid for this introductory workshop deducted from the Art Exploration Workshop package charge?

No. The AE Workshop offer is limited and the complementary Introductory Workshop is only given to 1st timers and those who signed up the AE Workshop package directly.

About how to sign up Introductory Workshop

Q: How to sign up?

Send in your request and any further enquiry through a form at end of our webpage. We will follow up soonest possible during our operating hours for further advice to you.