My Art Space

“During the session, the world falls away.
You focus on the painting, simply what you see and
what you paint. Simple and beautiful!”
– Feng Weiwen

What is My Art Space About?

Art is the purest form of expression and we would like to invite you to partake in this experience with us.

Established in 2005, My Art Space is all about giving people a comfortable and welcoming space to express themselves through the medium of art.

From hobbyist artists to experienced creators, all are welcome at My Art Space. 

Visit us at any of our 3 studios and rediscover the joy of creating art.

Why Start Your Art Journey
With Us?
Total Life.Art.Style
Programs for art-lovers to learn, appreciate and enjoy art.
Meet Great
Join our community of friendly hobbyists, artists and teachers today.
A space for
All our studios provide artists with a comfortable and welcoming place to create.
Showcase your best works of art or be inspired by those on display.
Great Learning
Professional and result proven art learning.
Take your time and learn at your own pace with 16 time slots per week.
Give back to the community via My Art Space’s community art projects.
Art sales for charity. Affordable artworks straight from studio.

Looking for artworks for charity or supporting local emerging artists?

We connect artists straight from studio. Great opportunity to collect artworks at best price!

Discover The Unique "Picasso Flow" Process

Our Unique Process To Reveal The Picasso In You

Are You Ready To Unleash Your Hidden Creativity ?

Why Our Students Love My Art Space

Member Stories

“Painting makes me a happier and calmer person because creating art provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.” – Leah Ang, Housewife, Singapore

“Coming to My Art Space is like a respite from the week’s work, to tune in to myself and to get into a bubble within myself, putting my emotions onto the canvas. I enjoy the surroundings, nestled within all the greenery, a getaway from the bustling city, yet still within the city. ” – Kelvin Teo

“Joining My Art Space is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Even the very-reluctant-to-start and wanted-to-quit-as-soon-as-possible husband loves painting now! Need I say anything more?” – Clarrisa Koh

“Be yourself, it helps you to establish your own identity. Be happy with what you do, be happy with your interest and hobbies. Painting is what makes me happy.” – Mable Cheng

Take A Selfie With Your Painting finished at My Art
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